on the current state and future directions of the global and Vietnamese Economies

Complementary to the reports referred to as the Global Economic Monitor and the Vietnam Economic Monitor
Updates with the most recent major development in the global and Vietnamese economies.

For those who have followed our Foundations workshop and/or Basic economics short course.

Aim of the workshop

The aim of the workshop is to aid business executives understand our analysis of current and likely future trends and developments in the global and Vietnamese economies, and our reports on these (see below for more on reports), by providing a detailed elaboration of our views in respect of these. Particular attention is paid to the current developments in, and forecasts of, the key macroeconomic variables pertaining to the global and Vietnamese economies that are considered to be important for business (and investment) decision-making.

It is strongly recommended that those seeking to follow the Update Workshops begin by attending our Foundations Workshop, in order to better understand the logic of our analyses and forecasts in the former workshops, viz., the Update workshops. Although the aim of the Update Workshops, like the Foundations Workshop, is not to make explicit recommendations in terms of asset choices, these are implicit in the analyses presented in both workshops.

The aim of the first part of the Update workshop on the global economy is to update and expand on the information we provide in respect of global economic growth, global inflation and primary commodity prices, global stock markets and interest rates, and currencies of major global economies, as well as to update, if necessary, our forecasts of these.  The aim of the second part of the Update Workshop, which is on the Vietnamese economy, is to update and expand on the information we provide in respect of important macroeconomic variables that typically are, or should be, used in corporate planning, treasury management, forex trading, etc., by Vietnamese businesses.

Benefits of following the workshop

  • Gain insights into current and likely future developments in the global and Vietnamese economies.
  • Have an opportunity to discuss these and other developments in the global and Vietnamese economies which have a bearing on the future health of their businesses and personal investment portfolios.

Who is the workshop for?

The target group is those lower and middle level local and foreign executives that are aware of the importance of an understanding of real-world economic developments for business and investment decision-making, and feel they are in need of an update of the relevant information. The contents of the workshop may be of particular interest to those responsible for corporate planning, treasury management, pricing, sales and procurement. We strongly recommend that those who attend should at least have sat through our Foundations Workshop or our Basic Economics Short Course.



  • 3 hours of training time
  • Half a day


  • 5 hours of training time
  • Full day

Workshop programme

Part 1

Updates on the current state and future direction of the global economy.
Investment implications.

Part 2

Updates on the current state and future direction of the Vietnamese economy.
Investment implications.

Download the full workshop outline:
Course trainer

Dr Howard Nicholas is our senior trainer and will conduct this short course.