The global economy

All our services are based on the belief that the global economy moves in cycles, and that without an awareness of these cycles one cannot understand the Vietnamese economy.

Short courses

Business economics

A real-world approach to economics for business and investment.

Money & Financial markets

A real-world approach to economics for business and investment.

Business cycles

A real-world approach to economics for business and investment.

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Good to know

An alternative to university economics

This course aims to equip participants with an alternative, more real-world, economics training than that provided by most Universities.

The aim is to showcase the way in which the alternative approach can provide a more plausible and informed explanation of current trends in economic phenomena than what is taught in the Universities.

Short course


Who is it for?

This includes both those who have followed formal economics and business-related study programmes at secondary and tertiary education levels, as well as those who have had no formal training in either of these.

Vietnam case study

The last part of the course is dedicated to a case study of the Vietnamese economy using the alternative approach.

Short course

Money & Financial Markets

We cover the basics…

Understand the nature and dynamics of different segments of the financial markets, and rates of return on different financial assets in these market segments.

Who is it for?

  • Investors who require more knowledge of the technical aspects of financial markets, as well as its functionings.
  • Lower and middle level executives, particularly those working in the financial sector, who have need of a more practical understanding of the workings of this sector;
  • The course is intended to be useful to those with and without a formal training in the workings of financial markets.

…and then go deeper

Linking developments in financial markets with those in the rest of the economy, particularly with respect to the movement of economies through various phases of the business cycle.

The global
business cycle

All our services are based on the belief that any understanding of developments in the Vietnamese economy requires context of the global economy and global business cycles.

Attend one of our workshops to find out where we are in the current cycle.



A quick overview of the foundations for understanding our regular workshops.


Updates on the Sri Lankan and global economies.

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Good to know

What will a global recession mean for Vietnam’s economy?

Updates on the current state and future directions of the global and Vietnamese economies



Who is it for?

The target group is those lower and middle level local and foreign executives that are aware of the importance of an understanding of real-world economic developments for business and investment decision-making, and feel they are in need of an update of the relevant information.

The contents of the workshop may be of particular interest to those responsible for corporate planning, treasury management, pricing, sales and procurement.

Current and future developments
  • Gain insights into current and likely future developments in the global and Vietnamese economies.
  • Have an opportunity to discuss these and other developments in the global and Vietnamese economies which have a bearing on the future health of their businesses and personal investment portfolios.



A monitor of the important developments and trends in the Vietnamese economy.


A monitor of the important developments and trends in the global economy.

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Good to know


Global Economic Monitor

Monitoring the global economy

Our report on the global economy is referred to as the Global Economic Monitor (GEM) and is prepared on a monthly basis by our partner company in the Netherlands. As its name suggests, this report monitors important trends in the global economy as a whole and a number of key variables in particular.

Continuity in analysis

The variables chosen, and interpretation of the significance of their movement, are based on our view of the functioning of the global economy. The data and charts selected for each month’s report are intended as indicating important developments in the global economy on the basis of our particular view of its functioning.

We are of the view that most other reports tend to reproduce what is in effect “the flavour of the month” – offering little by way of substance and continuity.