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Our courses provide the tools to use economic information in business and investment decision-making. In contrast to the type of economics taught in most universities, we focus on a practical approach using real-world case studies, to show how economics can be used in corporate planning, treasury management, asset management, and various other areas.

Dr Howard Nicholas, senior trainer at VIETIS

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The course aims to equip participants with an alternative, real-world economics training that is lacking in most Universities. This will be done in the context of a demystification of the economics taught in higher education, and an unpacking of what are perceived to be problems with the standard economics texts used in the teaching of economics courses from secondary school onwards.
The course aims to provide participants with a more real-world understanding of financial markets in general, and the Sri Lankan financial markets in particular. Considerable emphasis is placed on current debates focusing on the emergence of digital currencies, the changing nature of wholesale money markets, the development of non-bank electronic payments mechanisms, the changing objectives of central banks and the monetary policy instruments they are using, and the emergence of new global payments systems that are seeking to by-pass the US dollar.
The aim of the course is to aid business executives understand the global and Sri Lankan economies, and our reports on these by providing an insight into our views on the economic foundations for understanding these economies and trends in them. Particular attention is paid to the foundations for our explanation of actual and forecast trends in the global and Sri Lankan economies for business and investment decision-making.

Course specifications

Flexible scheduling

We offer flexibility with planning sessions to accommodate those with busy work schedules.

15 hours

The courses consist of 15 contact hours with the trainer, and some extra time offered for discussion.

Case studies

All our courses use case study materials from both the local and global economies.

Online classes

In addition to our in-person format we now offer a completely online format for each course.