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Vietnam Economic Training & Information Services (VIETIS) is an independent body which provides economic training and information services to the Vietnamese business community.

Short courses

A real-world approach to economics for business and investment.


Updates on the Vietnamese and global economies with a background to our analsysis.


Tracking important economic indicators and various asset prices.

Economics training for business decision-makers and investors

Short courses and workshops to show how economics can actually be used in business decision-making and for investments.

The importance of tracking global cycles

During our workshops and short courses particular emphasis will be on explaining the necessity of identifying long-term trends, structural shifts, and cyclical movements in the world economy when forecasting key macroeconomic variables of the Vietnamese economy.

Vietnam is mirroring China’s success

Our senior trainer Dr Howard Nicholas on China’s economic success and the role of technological development.

Company launch and first workshop

Our company’s official launch took place on 23 November 2018, at the Intercontinental Saigon. The event also marked our first workshop, which was our Updates workshop on the current state and future directions of the global and Vietnamese economies.


Our partners

Our partners

Our network currently includes a partner company in Sri Lanka providing us with intelligence on the Sri Lankan economy, and our partner company in the Netherlands providing us with insights into the global economy.